We had to sell our home on relatively short notice due to taking a job in another state. It was our first time selling a home, so combine that with moving to another state with a young baby, and we were awash in fear and uncertainty. From the beginning, we got a very good impression of Sarah Lett and Van. We felt that they were on the level, trustworthy and would get the job done. They delivered on all fronts! Sarah in particular deserves a shout-out for going above and beyond. We left for my new job before the house was listed and she took charge, doing the kind of grunt work in getting the house prepped for listing that I don’t think most real estate agents would do. They had an excellent grasp on the market, posted beautiful pictures and we had an offer within 24 hours of the listing date! We absolutely would recommend these guys, and plan to recommend them to friends and family in the future. They are a solid, hard-working and professional group.